Before You Know Kindness - Chris Bohjalian

Why did I choose this book?
I was looking for a book for my ABC-challenge and this writer was recommended to me on the LibraryThing site because of the other books I've read. So I went to the library to see if there were any of his books there, and I found this one.

About the author:
Chris Bohjalian is the bestselling author of nine novels, including Midwives (a Publishers Weekly Best Book and an Oprah's Book Club selection), The Buffalo Soldier, and Trans-Sister Radio, as well as Idyll Banter, a collection of his magzine essays and newspaper columns. His work has been translated into seventeen languages and published in twenty countries. He lives in Vermont with his wife and daughter. See his website.

The Story:
Every summer the Seton family meet in their country house in New England. They play tennis, swim and they've started a vegetable garden. But they also have secrets. John is an animal rights activist, but his brother in law has started hunting. When the vegetable garden is ruined by deer, and Charlotte finds her uncles gun in the boot of his car she decides to shoot the deer, but instead shoots her own father. An accident that changes the lives of all the members of the family. But was it really just an accident?

What I liked most about the book is how the girls are struggling to come to a decision about wether to tell the truth or not. This is really too big a decision for a child of their age, but they feel they can only confide in each other. When both reach a different decision it seems like the end of their friendship.



I finaly finished Before You Know Kindness. It took me a long time to read it (nearly a month!). Not because I didn't like it, I did actually like it a lot. But I just was too busy with other things and had very little time left to read. And in the evenings (when I do most of my reading) I was just too tired (went to bed early a lot in the last month). But now it's finished. Review will follow shortly.

I'm going to start on River Thieves now, another book for my ABC challenge. Hopefully it won't take as long as the last book!


Not a lot of time for reading these past few days. I'm still reading Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian. It's a really nice book, but I cannot find the time to read more than a few pages a day. Hope to read a bit more over the weekend. We're visiting family and have to make a train journey of two hours to get there (and back), so should be able to get some reading done then!